Jesus Film Project


  For more than 27 years, the impact of the JESUS film has been felt in jungles, deserts, and bustling cities. Director Jim Green emphasizes that, “As viewers see the compassion of Jesus and hear His Word in their own heart languages, they are drawn to Christ.” Considered the catalyst in accelerating worldwide evangelism, discipleship, training, and church planting, the JESUS film has been translated into 1,002 languages and has been shown in 229 countries. Its cumulative viewing audience numbers more than 5.5 billion with more than 200 million* making a decision for Christ as a result of viewing the film. The JESUS Film Project, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, continues to reach key people groups worldwide by pairing emerging technologies with unique coverage strategies.


Historically, for every dollar invested in direct efforts in the field, such as film teams, at least 10 people worldwide see the JESUS film. Since 1998 when this partnership in global evangelism began, CMA has given a total of $4,691,060 to The JESUS Film Project. Using this historical standard, we expect that close to 47 million exposures to the JESUS film have resulted from gifts to Run for the Son!    


* (Recorded only at live showings.)