Missionary Ventures


  Missionary Ventures International began in 1983 as an Interdenominational Missionary Organization to assist Guatemalan Christian leadership through strategic partnering relationships, enabling them to reach their own people with the love and message of Christ. From Guatemala this vision has been carried throughout the globe, developing Christian leaders, assisting them to plant churches and ministries to reach out to the impoverished and hurting people in their communities.


  Transportation is a strategic tool for world evangelism. Most indigenous pastors working in jungles, mountain villages, and distant towns are limited to walking. Through Missionary Ventures, CMA has been supplying motorcycles, bicycles and other forms of transportation to indigenous pastors and evangelists. Through Run for the Son’s gifts to Missionary Ventures, CMA has placed over 3000 motorcycles, 5000 bicycles, 4 horses, and 2 boats to pastors working in 90 different countries. Over the past twenty years Run for the Son has donated $6,080,724 to Missionary Ventures.


   Historically, most of the vehicles have gone to pastors and evangelists planting new churches and going into new areas with the Gospel. Typically they will plant a new church and within the first year see at least one hundred people come to Christ. Statistics are difficult to calculate, but we have seen as many as twelve new churches being planted with the use of one motorcycle. Run for the Son helps these native Christian leaders expand their outreach “unto the uttermost parts of the earth.”


(Acts. 1:8). Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel.