Open Doors


Open Doors, originally founded in 1955 by “Brother Andrew”, has over the years taken on the difficult task of taking Bibles into countries where other ministries do not go. By supplying Bibles to Christians, the churches are strengthened and countries can be changed from within, resulting in tremendous opportunities to spread  the Good News of Jesus Christ.


 CMA’s partnership with Open Doors is making a difference in the Persecuted Church! Through Run for the Son, Open Doors has been able to provide over 1.5 million Bibles! An example of how this is affecting people can be seen in China. Due to the shortage of Bibles, each Bible is generally used by 50 people. So this has the potential of touching millions of lives for Jesus Christ.


  Over the past twenty years, Run for the Son has donated $6,089,701 to Open Doors which has enabled them to purchase over 1,522,425 Bibles. These Bibles have been put into the hands of Christians who have prayed for a Bible for years.