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Earning our Wings

   Part 1             Allowing for Trouble

   Part 2             Taking Charge of Your Future

   Part 3             Allowing For Regular Renewal

   Part 4             Interrupting Negative Trains of Thought

   Part 5             Heighten Your Power of Appreciation

   Part 6             Keep Hope in the Future

   Part 7             Build Lots of Love into Your Life

   Part 8             Swap Good News Stories


  Over the past few years, I have noticed something. I have noticed that some people have a knack for getting more out of life than the rest of us - not in terms of material goods - but rather when it comes to their enjoyment of life. They do not become as easily discouraged as the rest of us. They seem to be more upbeat than we are. They are challenged by problems instead of feeling overwhelmed by them. They have a great ability to bounce back rather than get down on themselves and on life in general.

Now, what is it about these people that enables them to remain upbeat, positive, enthused about life? We might say, "Well, it is their faith, that’s what keeps them so positive, upbeat, and enthused about life. They believe in Jesus Christ and Christ has changed their outlook on life." That, however, is not necessarily the case because some of us in Christ are not like these positive, enthusiastic, upbeat people at all. Even though we profess Christ as Lord and Savior of our lives, we become easily discouraged and overwhelmed and sometimes become fearful and anxious about life. Worry, pessimism, and depression are our traveling companions. We wallow in the mud rather than fly with eagles.

What, then, sets these people apart? Why is it they get more out of life than the rest of us? Well, that’s the purpose of this sermon series. In this series I want to delineate the intellectual habits of these upbeat, can-do people and suggest ways we can put their habits to work for us. Furthermore, I’m borrowing much of the material for this series from a long time friend of mine Alan Loy McGinnis. I worked with Loy while in seminary, and Loy also conducted Trudy and my wedding ceremony, and after leaving pastoral ministry Loy became a prolific writer, and one of his last books was The Power of Optimism. I’m drawing the intellectual habits of Eagle Flyers from that book.

Now, what we need to know about Eagle Flyers was they were not necessarily born with cheerful dispositions, nor did they lead charmed lives. Far from it. Many who fly with eagles grew up in negative environments, and most suffered some crushing setbacks in life. But along the way they discovered techniques for defeating depression and for keeping their enthusiasm high, and that’s what I want us focus upon in this series. Over the next couple of months I want to highlight eight practices that will enable us to fly with eagles, and all eight are found in the Bible. What we will be considering is nothing new, but some folk have done what the rest of us have not. They have put these biblical principles into practice in their lives, and as a result life has become more meaningful and enjoyable to them.