Anderson Grove Presbyterian Church

The Little Church With A Big Heart

12005 S 36th Street
Bellevue, NE 68123
(402) 292-5522
 Early Church Picture            Anderson Grove Presbyterian Church

   Through the efforts of Samantha Gates and   others, Anderson Grove Church was born on the edge of the prairie over 120 years ago.  It has grown into a place of importance in the lives of many, as well as to the community.  Together, church and people have endured the storms of winter, the tornados of spring, the heat of summer, fear of drought, fear of floods, the jostle of the wagons, the careening of automobiles, and the scream of jet engines.  Together they have enjoyed good sprits, good food, and good fellowship in solemn worship, evenings of music, summer picnics, oyster feasts, youth nights and covered dish dinners.

Why do people come to Anderson Grove Church when they could go to a church closer to their place of residence?  There are several answers.  There is a sprit of fellowship, caring, and concern not always found in churches.  It is a small informal church where people know each other and God.  It is a church of volunteers with families taking turns in cleaning the church for a month., making punch and coffee for the fellowship time following worship, mowing and trimming the lawn.  On a recent designated "Church clean-up day," 15 people were present to do everything from painting the bell tower to washing windows to cleaning out spots in the fellowship hall carpet.

     It is an unusual church in that it always has and continues to be debt free.  The original charter of the church set a debt limit of $500.00.  This remains in effect today.

     A recent visitor to the church wrote, "Thanks again to you and all who made us feel welcome.  Anderson Grove is truly blessed.... A warm and loving country church."

     The sprit of worship that characterized the founders of the church lives on in its daily and weekly activities.  Standing amid a changing community and changing world, it still hold high those basic beliefs on which it and this nation were founded.  May it continue to do so in the years to come.

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